Forensic Friday 34: Financial Systems Reaching an End

Welcome to Forensic Friday 34! Another week another dollar, and we have many dollars to give this week. Since the last Forensic Friday we have been working hard to tie up loose ends, financials and bodyparts overhaul is complete, and with that we start work on prisoners and gunplay systems. We unfortunately were unable to get the grant system done in time, but nothing a little work at the weekend can’t solve. All in all, we are excited to show you the progress we have made this week, along with the winner of the Anomaly Poll! which is…

Anomaly of the Week #

The anomaly of the week winner is drumroll, a tie!? How unfortunate. We vowed never to write too anomaly files in a weekend again so I must entrust the decision to a race! The first of the anomaly poll candidates to react to this message wins the poll! Listen closely you two.

@Extrel#1172 you must react with: :robot: (Roomba)

@Dinobetes (Salt/Florida Man)#4249 you must react with :deer: (deer)

May the best man win…

Good luck! And expect a document come Monday, whether it is the deer or the Roomba is down to the speed of the contributors , MWUAHHHAHAHAHA.

For now here’s a summary of both, I will cross out the loser!

**S-1815 - “The Interdimensional Roomba”: **-1815 is a fictional robotic vacuum cleaner that enters another dimension by passing through mirrors.

S-0257 - “Deer in management”: S-0257 is a humanoid with a deer’s head, referred to as Dr. Deers, who wears a non-standard uniform and acts normally despite this unusual appearance.

(Sorry! (┬┬﹏┬┬)) @Dinobetes (Salt/Florida Man)#4249 sacrificed himself to let @Extrel#1172 win, how noble!

Financials Finished #

Most of the major aspects of the financial system has been completed. Which is definitely good news! Over the past week, I worked on finished up the UI for the finance menu, which you can see in the screenshots below. There are many cool features such as creating multiple accounts, setting up repeat transfers between accounts, and most importantly, setting the salaries you pay your employees. All of these things are better shown than explained however. The only thing that needs to be implemented is the monthly financial report that allows you to take a bailout. The code is there, but there is currently no UI for it! Though it isn’t a very vital feature so currently remains on the backburner. One thing that has unfortunately been slid off to the weekend factory is grants! Grants tied in closely with the financial systems, but unfortunately we were not able to finish it on time. The good news is that it isn’t very code heavy and shouldn’t take more than a weekend or two to get done. So really just a small bump in development!

Accounts Menu

Final accounts page, where you can open new saving accounts, name them, transfer between accounts and view your repeat transfers

Salaries Menu

The salaries page where you can give your staff pay rises or pay cuts! Currently there is no way to give higher salaries to people within a profession, though this is a feature that we have deemed out of scope for now.

Summary Menu

Last but not least, the summary page, which just shows a summary of your cashflow. You can view historical data with this too! Up to a month in the past.

We will expand the financial menu in the future, to show more interesting statistics and graphs, but as it stands, the financial menu is serviceable. Now that the financial aspects of the game is 95% done, we are starting to move onto few last major feature dumps! Gunplay and Prisoners (Expanded). More about that in the next section…

The Start of Something New #

We surprisingly have been on track with the #roadmap , which is a great feeling. It feels like a lot of the next features we work on will really bring the game together into a more cohesive product. Over the past week, @DilLocalAreaNetwork#8968 has been working hard to finish up the refactor of body parts, which now supports clothing amongst other things. Body parts also have a placement on the body which is either High | Middle | Low , which will be used in determining damage for projectiles in the Gunplay system.

I have been calling it a “Gunplay” system, but its really a collection of many systems that all interact together and build upon one another. The likely order in which I tackle these systems will be:

1) Inventory System
2) Projectiles and Weapons
3) NPC Combat Intelligence and Behaviours (AI)
4) Equippable Weapons and Weapon Classes
5) Aiming Accuracy
6) Bullet Suppression Mechanics
7) Melee Mechanics
8) Equippable Armour & Armour Mechanics
9) Assorted Throwables (grenades)
10) Armed Staff Loadouts (UI)
11) Stabilising Injuries
12) Communication Systems
13) Static & Mobile Defences (Sandbags, Mortars & Turrets)
14) Fight or Flight NPC Behaviours

This seems like a lot, and it really is, however not all of these features will be done solely by me, whilst @DilLocalAreaNetwork#8968 is working on prisoners, some of the features will get delegated over if @DilLocalAreaNetwork#8968 has the time to spare. We also have 6 Weeks to get it done which equates to roughly 2 of these feature pools each week, not counting weekends which we could always work during to get features out. Out of all the major additions to the game, this will likely be one of the most complicated, but as always, if we start falling behind the polishing backburner is always an option!

Case closed #

That’s all for this Forensic Friday, as always expect a new Anomaly Document come Monday’s Mechanical Monday, and a new Forensic Friday come Friday. We will have started gunplay and prisoners, so hopefully next Forensic Friday is an interesting one. Don’t forget to see the #roadmap to get an idea of progress, but the good news is that we are on time for the most part!

Thanks for reading, I wonder when the website will be done?
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios