Forensic Friday 49: Hell's End

We can barely remember a time before the AI overhaul but it has finally come to an end. With major and minor bugs alike, being ironed out over the week, it’s basically done. We’re finally finished with the AI overhaul, and transferring existing systems to use it as such.

Prisoners expanded V3..? V4… #

Maybe we should start calling this “Prisoners Expanded, Expanded”, but regardless… Category C personnel have been upgraded to the new system. Extra functionality has been added to all NPCs for toilet breaks, recreational activities and socialising which of course transfers to Prisoners within your facility as well! Prisoners also have beds, so sleeping has been transferred to the new system, as well as support for bunk beds which allow for multiple Category C to sleep in at the same time.

Socialising has been reworked within Utility AI to be decentralised. This means that NPCs can choose to socialise with one other NPC at any one time, even if the other NPC is doing a different task, making the whole act of meeting up feel that little bit more organic, compared to a structured event.

Wandering #

Not very exciting, but NPCs wandering about the world has been redone, and now uses the beauty system, which is a neat crossover! Currently wandering helps return NPCs mental health to better levels. So remember to take mental health walks!

Remaining Features #

The only remaining features that have yet to cross the bridge into the realm of super awesome AI are:

So not a lot, but at the same time, quite a lot! But considering all the bugs with the AI have so far (to the best of our knowledge) been fixed. We really think if any bugs are found whilst implementing these features, which happen to really test the capabilities of this AI system, then we will be putting ourselves in a really good place! So the verdict is, one more week, and we can call this period of development hell officially over!

Hopefully our last significant rewrite! (We have effectively rewritten this game entirely now >﹏<)

Now introducing: Support for Underground floors #

Over the week we spent short time implementing the groundwork to allow for underground floors! This includes different rock types, layers, and cave ins if you arent careful! I’d lovw to show some visuals but its currently all in the abstract realm of code now. But in a few weeks expect some cool updates about building underground floors and how that interfaces with structural integrity! Exciting!

NPCs turning corners in style #

Not that this warrants a whole section, but NPCs now slow down around corners, before they use to overshoot causing all sorts of anomalous behaviour! In a way it makes me wander how derpy some anomalies will look, maybe we’ll get tones of bug reports with an anomaly whos designed to phase through walls doing exactly that!

The Roadmap and the Road Onwards #

By next week, or worst case end of August, we will be well on our way back on the roadmap, at an accelerated pace hopefully! Though this may be balanced out by university/work commitments…

Case Closed #

But concluding this case file. Development continues, as it always has been, as we continue to climb ourselves out a hellish pit of our own making. For the betterment of the game afterall! Time to shove this file in the trash and burn all memory of it and the past 3 weeks as a whole! Huzzah!

Anyways leaving you with a random funny quote I found. Was supposed to be inspirational but well… who cares! I need to hit my mandated 1 image qouta!

No Visual Updates today!
Case Closed.
The Team
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