Forensic Friday 52: Hi tired, I'm dad

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, we’re getting to that period where, historically, game development starts to cease up. While this weeks blog won’t help our case, the plan is to keep up with development and blog posts as we try and build momentum to a launch next year!

A lack of news #

With one dev on holiday, it’s been left to the other (me!) to write this today. Funny enough the same thing happened last week the other way around! However, unlike last week there’s zero news to report on this week - sorry. Waking up at 5:30am and getting home at 9 or 10pm has taken it’s toll and leaves little energy to do much more than get ready for bed and sleep - writing this blog post I’m half falling asleep right now, so I do apologise for any spelling mistakes and general lack of progress.

This is only a temporary problem (hopefully) since I’ve started a new job, and first week induction has now finished, so it’s going to be a balancing act for myself with future development, taking advantage of WFH days!

Anomaly Poll Winner #

Onto something that actually happened this week - the anomaly poll!

Capturing half of the total votes is…. S-0114 - Eternal Resurgence Anomaly!

As a reminder, S-0114 is a traumatized boy discovered in 1983, subjected to severe abuse by a cult. He can return to life after death, but this awakens dangerous entities. His father, POSI-1277, was part of the cult, believing their actions served a deity. S-0040 possesses knowledge about the pit and its connection to S-0114’s abilities. The cult’s fanatical beliefs drove them to harm the boy.

Many thanks to Dr. Kleine Evengald (a.k.a Dinobetes) from our Discord server for the original concept!

We’ll get cooking on a document in the coming week!

Anomaly Poll Results on our Discord server

Case Closed #

My eyes are burning up so it’s probably a sign to wrap this up pretty quickly. It feels like we’ve said this a lot in the past, but thank you everyone for your continued patience and understanding! Hopefully with a full time dev back on the project in the coming week there’ll be a bit more content to go through next time!

Until next week everyone :)

Case Closed.
The Team
Plasmarc Studios