Forensic Friday 54: An Unexpected Halt in Development

We have unexpectedly run ourselves into a small ditch, halting development almost completely! At the tail end of the major refactor you would think that things would speed up development-wise, but unfortunately, our delicate work-life balance has been like a spanner thrown into the machine works as we try to readjust to our new schedules. This will be a short-lived crisis, however, and within 2 weeks, everything should start to ease up again. That is the unfortunate reality of game development, delays are inevitable, and when you’re just working in a small team of 2, burnout and life can get in the way more often than not. However, development will continue, as it always has, and we are still aiming for a 2024 release. Though realistically, the game will be released at the end of the year rather than the middle. Only time will tell, making accurate predictions about developmental times is quite a hard task!

Expanding the Team #

Now that you mention it… we are quite a small team. But that is likely looking to change. All I can say is that we may acquire a new developer on the team very shortly, 2 developers in fact. This is all developing stuff so we can’t say anything for sure yet, but there will likely be updates about that in the next Forensic Friday.

Mythological Mondays - Dead before it lived #

To those in the discord server, Mythological Monday was missed! A terrible blunder, and probably the first time we have fully omitted a blog post without any prior announcement being made. The matter of fact is that we aren’t just in a developmental ditch, we are also face first, legs up, in the mud. It would be better to say we are taking a 2 month’s hiatus from all blog posts, and then come back with a bunch of developmental updates in one huge dump, but we a resigned to at least getting Forensic Friday out weekly, even during the bad weeks… and here we are.

But like all bad weeks past and future, they eventually end, and eventually we get into periods of sustained and productive development. We believe the next such period will be the game’s last, during its developmental pre-alpha stage at least. Something to look forward to!

Case Closed #

Not much to say that hasn’t already been said, but I (David) was on holiday 2 weeks ago! Who would have thought I take breaks from work? I didn’t even plan to go on holiday, it just happened. So here’s a weird image that doesn’t give you any context about where I went! You can figure that one out yourself!

Anyways. Expect more soon.

Case Closed.
The Team
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