The Lost Archives #1: Its been awfully quite for the past few weeks...

Well I guess the first blog post will be about how we haven’t been posting any blogs. Since Uni started its been tough getting back into a routine but I think I’ve settled in now. From now on Wednesdays is full on coding day for me, and Friday for @DilLocalAreaNetwork. We are planning on posting a blog every Sunday and hopefully we are able to stick to that.

As for the current state of the games development, nothing has been committed for 22 days, which is terrifying to say the least, but the cogs are starting to turn back in the base and we are getting busy again. Hopefully we can write another thousand plus line monstrosity at some point. Definitely something I am looking forward to.

I think as I fix my sleep schedule, development will fall back in line. I do many hobbies outside this project so managing them all has proven difficult, and its very easy for my partner to lose motivation as well, especially if he sees me lacking motivation. Game dev is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. Motivation is probably the hardest thing to maintain especially when you are stuck at home and a quick game with your friends is only a few clicks away, and so, so much easier than writing code. However I think I am ready to get back onto the coding train, same with my partner; this blog post kind of marks that sentiment in a way.

Its feels kind of odd writing a blog post since no one is really going to read this, but lets just say we are writing for the audience of the future. As first blog posts go, I say this was a success. Well this is David signing off. Till the next one.

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios