The Lost Archives #8: WEBSITE

Hello everyone! It feels good to be back. This week, I’ve decided to put 80% of my Containcorp time into building a website. I am very excited as it will teach me a lot about web design and hopefully we’ll end up with something really cool. It will also be a new place for our blog posts, but we will continue to post the blogs here aswell!

Don’t stress, the game is still getting some love and well, this website is getting done by the end of the week whether we like it or not. Next week I plan to continue at full speed working on the game and finally finishing the multi-floor system. Hopefully this acts as a neat transition period into working part-time full-time on Containcorp.

Til the next one! Merry Christmas!
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios

P.S. I also just purchased a 21 inch graphics tablet, so I guess the art will improve?