The Lost Archives #10: Back in business, with some small changes

Hey everyone, through the midst of exams I have still been able to work on the game. Dillan and I are starting to turn the development wheel again. I am still working on the multifloor system. It’s 80% done now, where the only things needed is to make pathfinding get along with multiple floors and add stairs to the game. Currently we have fire working across multiple floors and buttons to hide and show floors and toggle between viewing modes. I am currently working to fix a few bugs with the viewing modes. In other news, Dillan has finished rewriting the whole NPC damage system and is now working on seasons. The game now has snow (it doesn’t settle yet), and will soon have functioning lightning(purely aesthetic now, soon NPCs will be able to feel god’s wrath).

That’s just a quick summary of what we have been up to, I will likely follow up this blog posts with a few images/videos showing some of the new features. Til the next one!

P.S.: I will start on the forum around next week or so…

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios