The Lost Archives #13: General optimisations, a week of writing and an update on the forum

Hello all. We both spent most of the week writing generic backstories for all the backstory types. Currently we have 27 backstory types. For each one we want at least 10 preset ones which would likely be an optimal amount to avoid recurrences, but ideally 20 backstories for each preset would make the backstories feel really unique. We currently have 1 backstory written for every preset, and we are trying to write 4 a day, every day, so we should have plenty of backstories soon. We haven’t decided when to let all of you contribute to the backstories, but perhaps one day soon.

I have also spent some time doing some project wide optimisation and clean up. Fire even with multithreading, has now fallen back into being quite intensive. This is because using the multithreaded code as a base, I added extra logic on top by making additional entities to represent each flame. This was not very smart as it pretty much makes the multithreaded code pointless. So I am slowly moving all the additional logic from object oriented to data oriented, which would give immediate improvements with the fire system.

Regarding the forum, I have been incredibly busy with uni work, so my schedule hasn’t meshed well with working on the website. However, its really just a case of starting working on the forum, and my natural tendency to keep working on something til it is done will carry the rest.

Anyways, though this week wasn’t the most exciting, it still was important. Day by day we get closer to finishing this game, and one day that day will come, whenever that may be.

Until we meet again,
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios