Forensic Friday 19: NPCs Hanging Out

Hi everyone, we’re here to provide another dose of Forensic Friday for the 19th time. There’s a bit less than in other weeks to talk about than usual, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress!

Hanging Out #

Last time, you could say I left you hanging. (Ok I’ll see myself out)

NPCs, when given the chance now choose to hang out with their friends during recreational time, rather than mindlessly walking as was the case before, that you may have seen in previous videos that we’ve showcased. Utilising our new event based coding style, NPCs can essentially scream out they want someone to meet up, and other NPCs in the same boat can oblige, with 0 overhead from us managing this, which from a purely technical standpoint is very cool! There’s a video beneath this showing this in action, the pathing lines are purely for showing which paths are being specifically made to meet up with friends.

A note on the video is that @𝕋 𝔻 𝟛 𝟝 𝟘 and I are on very different branches, so a few of the visual bugs in the video such as the NPCs always looking to the right were fixed a long time ago, this demonstration is just to make sure they go to the correct position.

Following Through #

Continuing with the plan, today I started working on convicts and gangs. Both are fairly early in being started so there isn’t anything new, of note, that hasn’t been said already. Just keep your eyes peeled for next week when hopefully there’s a few developments!

Case Closed #

Keeping it short and sweet for this week, we’ll hopefully have more to bring next Friday, and as always, thanks for reading!

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios