Forensic Friday 2: Multi-floor path-finding done amongst over Notable Additions

Again, it is clearly a Saturday, but I’m starting to get used to the idea of Forensic Fridays being delayed by a day. It’s a bit funny to me. Anyhow over the past week I poured all my efforts into getting multi-floor path-finding done, and to my blissful surprise, I actually managed to get it done!🥳 Barring the Out of Memory PC crashing bug which remains currently unfixed, it works for the most part; at least it works when NPCs try to get to higher floors. It shouldn’t be too much hassle to address the bugs however meaning I can move on to more things! It sometimes feels quite soulless working on backdoor stuff, so the change of scenery will be very welcome. I still need to get structural integrity done, but it’s a lot less daunting than it sounds.

Notable Additions #

The only notable additions would be the revised health display and the ability to make NPCs enter a guard mode, wherein you can force them to move to certain places, and in the future, be able to make them carry out a task. These two features can be seen in the videos below:

Note- colours correspond to severity of injury, this goes from trivial to fatal

Case Closed #

This update has fallen rather short, mostly because there isn’t a great deal of actual new content since we added doors and room designations; plus Dillan is still doing exams so I’m still left to pick up the leftover crumbs for now. Not sure if that metaphor works but I don’t get paid enough, literally, I don’t get paid at all. Anyhow, I think I will probably spend next week cleaning up the loose ends with all the multi-floor stuff, which should set us up nicely for moving onto other areas of the game. Some prospective tasks I will be tackling in the near future involve: Gas system + Ventilation, Refrigeration, New Power system. These main areas should be finished within 2 weeks or so from now, from then it would be more of a case of working on the many NPC classes the game offers. This is Dillan’s specialisation, so more than likely, we would be working in parallel to get it done in a timely manner. It is very likely that I may finish all my queued up tasks before Dillan comes back to the project, which would be the best outcome.

That’s all we have! Until next week!
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios