Forensic Friday 3: Code 👏 Review 👏

The time is now here. It’s early June and university has finally ended for both of us fully, which means that I’m going to be joining David on working on the game on a full-time basis. This is extremely exciting for both of us, and you should see progress made as fast as it has ever been made before!

Code 👏 Review 👏 #

The first thing we did, as it’s been about a month since David has been working on the project by himself, was a code review. Over the last 3 days we’ve spent time going through most scripts together, ensuring that we both know what functionality is already available before rewriting already existing code. This is mostly done now, but this process is no where near finished yet. Over the next couple of weeks we’re planning on reviewing everything we’ve written ever. When we both started working on this project almost exactly a year ago, we were relatively inexperienced 18-year-olds who had just finished secondary school early due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As time has gone on, we’ve learnt a lot – from university and just working on the project in general. We are hoping that this code review should tidy up any old code that is possibly redundant, performance draining or just forgotten in general. You probably won’t hear about this in future posts, but it will be happening behind the scenes.

Churning out anomalies #

The other plan is to write up one anomaly document every weekday. We will be taking on your ideas as well as adding some of our own to the mix, so keep your eyes peeled in the #anomalies section for batched releases!

Weekly additions! #

The game now has lifts (or elevators depending from where you are from)! There isn’t much else to say about it however, apart from the few screenshots below. As they say a picture can speak a million words:

NPC Lift

There have also been some optimisations done across the board with NPCs, allowing the game to run quite smoothly with upwards of 200+ NPCs which is likely more than youll have in your facility at maximum capacity.

Subreddit Starting Soon #

The other thing that summer is bringing is the start of our subreddit very soon. We’ll be reviewing submissions within the google form (so if you would like to be considered please do fill it out) and will be contacting people about possibly being moderators when the time comes, taking into account general activity in our server among other factors. This can be a great place for posting anything and everything to do with the game, such as concepts for anomalies that you want critiquing or memes. If you want to be a moderator but don’t receive a reply, don’t feel disheartened too much, we’ll have your contact if we ever need you in the future!

Case Closed #

We’re still not 100% sure how often we’d like to put out one of these blog posts. We’re mainly debating between weekly, fortnightly and monthly updates. At the end of the day, you’ll still hear about the work we’re doing, it’s just a matter of whether it’s better having fewer more detailed posts, or more smaller posts. When we come to a decision you should see this channels name be updated accordingly.

Have a good week/fortnight/month ahead everyone, and again, thanks for taking the time to read through, we’re both eager to get this show on the road.

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios