Hello everyone, we are back with another case file. Give me a sec to just organise it…there! Well what have we been doing the past week? A week of testing and bug fixing! How exciting! (*  ̄︿ ̄).. but there are some developments which you guys may be more interested in! Pertaining to the visual side of things… So here’s a rundown of what we’ve got in store: new lighting (again!), bug fixes, optimisations… and well that’s about it, maybe also a bug of the week! So let’s begin shall we?

New Lighting - Arghhh It Burns #

We have revamped the lighting once again! Unfortunately this means all those hours building our custom lighting system have gone to waste. But alas, those are the woes of game development! (╬▔皿▔)╯

But we definitely think its a major upgrade. Funnily enough, it was the lighting we had in the game all the way back in Forensic Friday 7. So more often than not your first choice is the best. We tend to shy away from working on the visual side of the game nowadays as features are the main priority currently. However, since a lot of the code was there from the old lighting system, it was as simple as just removing and tweaking a few things. Only took a day to do, but the results are spectacular. Take a look at the comparison below:

Old LightingNew Lighting


Optimisations and Bug Fixes #

We have also optimised and bug fixed many parts of the game this week. This includes, but is not limited to:

Yeah, I think that’s it honestly, but our memories aren’t great ಠ﹏ಠ. Take a look at the new and improved room detection!

Bug of the Week #

We also have a 2 contenders for bug of the week. Either void explosions or NPCs suffocating in unsealed rooms!

Bug 1 Bug 2

Anomaly Poll Winner #

The winner of the poll this week is:

S-0039: “The Anomaly Tree” - A tree with large green sacs, that will birth anomalies if not managed properly. Approximately every week, the tree must be watered with the blood of a Category-C personnel (Convicts), to keep the tree in its dormant state. Instances of 0039 that spawn from the tree attempt to find a suitable human, drain all its blood and water the tree with it. This causes its active phase to cease.

Thanks for all those who voted! We hope you become regular voters!

Case Closed #

That about wraps it up folks. Hope you enjoyed this weeks Forensic Friday. Time to close the case. Tune back in on Monday to catch a glimpse of a new anomaly, and to vote for the next one. We hope you have a lovely Christmas break!

Much Love,
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios