Forensic Friday 27: Seasons Greetings

Seasons greetings! Who would’ve guessed, as usual we once again bring a Forensic Friday on Saturday. Not too much to report on this week, but still some critical bug fixes and bankruptcy lie ahead… onto the news!

Bug Fixes and Bug of the week #

Cutting a short story even shorter, bugs fixed this week include infinite energy when using transformers for power and energy stores like capacitors not flickering and being epilepsy hazards. While infinite energy definitely wins for bug of the week, we don’t have a fancy image to show it off. A quick description was adjacent networks didn’t detract energy from each other, meaning you could leach off 1 main network as many times as you wanted, without losing power from the main network. Definitely a bug and not a feature for this one ;)

Holiday Break #

This is also a chance for us to let you all know we are taking a small break over the Christmas period. While in the past we’ve used holidays as a chance for a sprint, committing once a day to the project means we feel we need a chance to let off the gas for the week, enjoy time with the family and meeting up with friends! We won’t be properly working once a day until the new year, but we’ll still bring you a Forensic Friday - just to let you know your favourite game studio is still alive and kicking :)

Anomaly Poll Winner #

We actually had a draw this week, but thanks for everyone that voted! We hope to see more and new names popping up in the polling! The joint winners are S-0098: “Tabbies” and S-0138: “Fire of Life”, if you want to see the the full poll results, please checkout #blog-mechanical-mondays thingy hehe! Usually, we would just choose whatever we found more interesting, and I made it very clear which one was my favourite last week… however since it’s the holidays and we’ll be missing a Monday this week, we decided as a 1 off we’ll be diving into exploring both winners!!! We’ll bring you more in the Mechanical Monday in the new year!

Good News Everyone! #

We’re basically bankrupt (but not really)! We’ve had a website up for the last 2 years, and our one-off payment is finally coming to an end… This leaves us with 2 options.

Option A: We spend £246.76 to renew the website through our Daddy - GoDaddy
Option B: We don’t spend £246.76 until we have our new website ready to launch, and also find cheaper hosting deals

And for us, it’s a no brainer. We’ll be temporarily losing the website until the next year!!! On a serious note, we appreciate all the support you guys give us, and while it’s sad we’ll be losing our website and the wiki, it shouldn’t be for too long, and lets us use those funds for other costs like Unity Store Assets, Companies House Filing in the UK and other annoying formal stuff. We’ve got a backup of all anomaly submissions on the wiki for now, and we’ll keep you posted on any developments. Any questions feel free to ping me a question :)

Case Closed #

And that’s all folks. Once again, have a lovely Holiday and feel free to show off your amazing gifts to make us all jealous. A reminder we’ll be skipping Mechanical Monday, so we’ll see you next week! ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Merry Chrimbus!!!
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios

P.S. As per request of the discord server, here is my mug :O