Digging up the ol' projector

Our forensic case file projector is quite dusty nowadays…

Hey everyone. It has been quite some time since we last made any major updates about the game. However progress is happening, albeit rather slowly; though the good news here is that progress is picking back up again! There is bad news however, exams are coming up which will likely hinder progress post Christmas. Anyways… onto the updates.

Updates #

The biggest and frankly largest update since September, code-wise, is that the code base has been cleaned/is in the process of cleaning. This happens more often than not, but with new developers eventually coming to join the project, our codebase needs to reflect that. In the long-run this means content will have a smoother transition from imagination to reality, which can only be a good thing. Other than that, I have started to work consistently on the game now as I have sorted out a balanced life-work schedule which means more frequent updates are on the horizon. Though I cannot promise anything as actions speak louder than words; however it is in my greatest interest to continue pushing the rock up the hill, and getting the game past the all-enticing summit.

I cannot say how close that summit is, but I have a feeling it is closer than we think. The problem with planning how long features take to implement is a tricky one. The known unknowns can be predicted quite accurately, but the unknown unknowns are impossible to predict. Bug fixes, past code clean-ups, refactors, unforeseen complications in implementation, life predicaments etc…. The list goes on. Though I can say with almost 90% certainty, the game will be in a playable state in at least 2 summers. That sounds like a quite a while away, but I am unsure if 1 summer is truly realistic. Though I am hoping for a pleasant surprise; perhaps it will only take 1 more summer to push over that summit. I cannot say for sure…

That’s all I have to say. Expect weekly updates, but don’t expect major changes from week to week; a slow burn is more appropriate.

Thank you all, until the next one!
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios