Prepping work and a New Challenger Appears

This is now our new weekly “we’re still alive” post. Yes, we are still alive, and as the title may suggest, it’s getting to the time where we’ll resume work on the project during the holidays and we’re just as excited as hopefully you are!

What is definitely new, and exciting is that we’ve got a new member for our dev team, @Nick Karaolidis, who will be working with us to speed up development. In their own words:

Hey guys, my name’s Nick and I’m a second-year CS student at the University of Manchester. Although I’m mainly interested in back-end development, I always wanted to have a go at game dev as well. I’ve only worked with Unreal Engine 4 until now, but hopefully, working on Containcorp will allow me to learn Unity’s ins and outs and who knows, maybe the code I write might be just readable enough to make it into the final game 🙂

In the coming weeks, there’ll be more clean up on the code base etc. since our team is growing larger and it’ll defeat the purpose of having more people if we worker slower as a unit combining all our individual work.

Any questions feel free to ask, and please do make Nick feel welcomed!

Have a good week ahead!
The Team,
Plasmarc Studios