The Lost Archives #4: The Plan

After a lot of people joined the server since the last post, this has really made us appreciate how important it is to do this game right. We’ve both sat down and outlined what we’re both working on in the near future. Some of these features include and are not limited to:

Just to clarify this isn’t all the features left, but the features that we will be aiming to complete within the near future. Any specific requests for certain features can be asked in the ⁠suggestions tab.

Why the rewriting of already finished scripts? #

Simply put, the existing damage system is no where near to a satisfactory standard, which is unnecessarily long at almost 1000 lines, and is difficult to use and implement. So rather than just writing it as I go, I’m going to plan it out this time and make sure it’s efficient and still has the same functionality, and it is now located in it’s own script so it’s easier to navigate. Meanwhile the power system is changing after we realised that it would be too complicated to play using the existing one, and we will move to a system more where there are pylons with an area of influence instead of having to wire everything up.

What is the time frame for all of this? #

Both @𝕋 𝔻 𝟛 𝟝 𝟘 and I are both Uni students who do this in our spare time, so the amount of time is really dependent on our workload and how much time we can dedicate to this in our spare time, so there is no real timeline. However as a personal goal I am planning to have the damage system rewritten entirely (including physical AND mental damage) within the next 2 weeks whilst also making custom jobs for every NPC within the next month. Advanced weather is more of a quality of life update (and whilst important) will be added after the other features.

Sign Off #

Not a lot of technical work has been done by myself this week, and I can’t speak for @𝕋 𝔻 𝟛 𝟝 𝟘 so I’ll leave it there. If you’re new (which is basically everyone), then we hope we can make this worthwhile of your time, and will write another one of these in a fortnight. Until then cya!

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios