The Lost Archives #5: Flooded chunks

Not much to report on this week. In terms of organisation, we have decided to spread out our work in a more structured way. Where before a lot of the features we added would often clash, we have now assigned tasks in such a way to avoid code from overlapping. This should help make development become a lot smoother as we don’t need to depend on each other’s code to finish ours.

In other news, I am still working on room detection, I am currently trying to make the floodfill algorithm as fast as possible as it is run everytime a block is placed. The floodfill doesn’t check the whole world however, as I have implemented a chunk system into the game, so a lot of things such as pathfinding and requesting certain entities in the world can be done in a more efficient manner as it is a lot easier to check chunks then check individual tiles across the whole world

Sign off #

I haven’t been the most involved this week as I have taken a short break over my half term but I am excited to get back into the flow this week. Some interesting news has arisen in recent times, we are going to make a website in the next coming weeks, which will house all our future blog posts. Very cool! This is David signing off for a week.

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios