The Lost Archives #6: The New Damage System + some room detection thing…

Two weeks ago, in our #4 post, I was talking about the next thing to do was to rewrite the damage system in the next 2 weeks. The good news is that this is finished. The even better news is that the new damage system does everything the old one did, and is now only 300 lines of code, down from 1200 lines. If you are not familiar with programming at all, all this means is that when someone is attacked in game, the code will execute 4x faster than previously. The new system also leaves options for mentally damaging NPCs as well as just being generally easier for us to use. This is how the damage system should have been written first time, is something I can finally say does justice to the game and has been a valuable lesson for myself in future development.

Room Detection + a shoutout 👀

I’ll leave the in-depth blog on this topic to David but this, to the best of my knowledge, is finished. Using a chunk-based system, it runs efficiently and is a huge achievement!

Some people in our server may have heard about a very special member who has been campaigning for a possible shoutout in this blogpost and I feel his commitment should be highlighted - thank you @Dr. TGW for being as active as you are. There was someone else as well… his name slips my mind…maybe @oliver..? I suppose we’ll have to skip him this week due to my mind freezing…

This channel is now an announcement channel

If you’re reading this, chances are you may see a follow button due to us updating this channel. If you want these updates in your own server then the options now there!

Sign off

I have mid term tests coming up this week which is 😬 so I may not be as active this week, but I’ll be moving onto getting NPCs jobs started and cya all next fortnight!

The Team,
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