The Lost Archives #15: A lot of internal changes and rework

Hello all, you may or may not have noticed we changed this channel from weekly updates to monthly. This is no cause for concern however, we just believe you guys would get much more out of these updates with a monthly schedule. That aside we have been very busy rewriting a lot of code, again! This time, the focus was on making things easier for us going forward. One of the biggest reworks was how NPCs manage tasks pathfinding. It is now much more easier to work with, which should help us start to introduce the 16 types of units that will make up the different classes of the game. We already have 2, builders and doctors, but when we started on implementing doctors, it got rather complex due to sloppy code in very important parts of the game. But the good news is that most of this has been addressed, and it will continue to be addressed until we can effortlessly implement NPC behaviours like a piece of pie.

On the same vein as NPCs, I have added some artwork to illustrate NPC backstories in a fun little way. An in-game screenshot should be below. Currently backstories are shared by all classes, but soon we will have to have different backstory presets for each class, as it doesn’t really make sense for builder or janitor to be a super genius, or a scientist to be brain-dead, however there may be a few surprising stories thrown in there, just wait and see ;).

One thing I wanted to say is that I thank all of you for your patience, I know progress may seem slow, but we are trying our best! We have awesome plans for the summer holidays which mostly consist of 9 hour days, every day, for the whole summer. It sounds a bit crazy, but hopefully push the game forward to a playable state by the end of summer. We both love this game, and the idea behind it, but there’s also a part of us that want to finish it so we can explore more ideas in the future, plus exploring the realm of post release content and expansions.


Anyways, before I go, I thought it would be cool to inform you guys of the upcoming classes in the game:

That’s quite a lot of information! And a lot of work for us (-, - )…zzzZZZ. We are hoping we eventually get to the more exciting aspects of this game, but we are still making our way through the sludge right now. Since I’ve been going on for way too long, I think it’s time to end this here.

Thanks for reading, if anyone did….ಠ_ಠ

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios