The Lost Archives #16: Lore of the Rings

Hello all, we are back after a long month of writing/development. Concerning the game, I have started to work on multi floor path-finding which should be complete relatively quickly. With this comes some cool looking stair blocks which can rotate. Awesome! We have also started to implement workstations which is the general term for blocks used by NPCs to perform their jobs, I.e. a chef’s workstation being a cooking hob etc. I am also pleased to say the game is completely (to the best of our knowledge) bug free! Which may not sound like a lot, but surprising or not so surprising, the bugs were piling on, mostly due to previous sloppy code, making the game increasingly hard to work on. We eventually spent an afternoon or two cleaning up the project and bringing it up to scratch. Right now one of the major things that needs a good rewrite is the UI code, since it was written in a hurry and is extremely restricted and hard to work with. I have started on that also, and progress is going well in that department. Though enough about boring project news, you’ll likely be more interested in what Dillan has in store…


It’s the BIG NEWS that has been hinted a few times. Yes, we have stairs! You can walk up and down them, sit and stand on them, and they take you from a floor to another floor! It is a feat of engineering and shouldn’t be underestimated. On a side note….

After a few weeks of busy writing and brainstorming, we are pleased to announce the first wave of possible anomalies that will eventually appear in the game! All the files for information on these anomalies can and will be found in our ⁠anomalies section so please do check them out, we hope you like them and we’ve spent a lot of time on making them as in-depth as possible! (you may be able to figure out some events that happened inside our world to create a timeline, but you didn’t hear that from me). Using a mixture of our own ideas and some of the very creative submissions we received, we are extremely excited to let you all in on the very start of building up this world! Of course, this is only the beginning and putting them into the game will be one of the very last steps that we will have to do, but we are both looking forward to getting to that stage.

It goes without saying that this will not be all the anomalies that will appear, and we have 100 different ones planned as of right now, so stay tuned for more to come in the coming months if we miraculously stay to schedule. Also, you can never have too many anomalies so any stray ideas that you have, feel free to just note them down on either ⁠suggestions or the google form. We read every message (it’s not hard, there aren’t that many right now :D) and take on all feedback as well.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy!

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios