Forensic Friday 21: Slogging Underway...

Hey everyone! After a weeks break, we’re here for another dose of Forensic Friday! (fashionably late)

Still slogging Away #

There is progress with prisoners since the last update, but as the title suggests, it’s still a tall task ahead. During the last blogpost, we talked about deciding the criteria for certain prisoner related events in the game - the example given last time being forming gangs. Since this is a passive process within the game (being that the player has no direct control over gangs being formed or what the gangs do) we decided the best approach was to run an event at orderly intervals that then calls the functions that check the necessary criteria, and then act accordingly.

With this decided, prisoners can now form gangs. Gangs start of with 2 prisoners, and the plan is they’ll grow as these NPCs look to recruit new people. This would mean that there are aspects you can control indirectly, e.g. if you were to put a gang member in solitary confinement then they wouldn’t be able to recruit, or keeping convicts apart means gangs can’t be formed (with the downside that prisoners may not appreciate no human contact!). Members of the same gang also score bonus friendship rating points which will play into the whole promotion and demotion idea within a gang.

So importantly, the roadblock that we talked about last time has definitely been cleared, it’s just a matter of putting my head down and getting all this behaviour onto the screen!

Case Closed #

So that about sums up the last week, not the most amount of progress, but at least some which is better than we were doing at this time last year, so that’s a positive. @𝕋 𝔻 𝟛 𝟝 𝟘 has been a bit busy for the last few weeks so fingers crossed there’s some stuff to say on what he’s been up to.

Have a great week ahead and we’ll hopefully bring you more updates next week!

The Team,
Plasmarc Studios